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18th October 2013

7.00pm        Discussion Group

8.00pm       Guest Lecture

Circumambulating the Centre:
The Symbolism of the Bees, the Honey, and the Hive


The symbolism of the bee, honey and the hive intertwine but at the core is the imagery of the circumambulation of the centre—for bees, this is a dynamic in the service of the queen bee and the preservation of the hive; in depth psychological terms, circumambulation is linked with mandala symbolism or the archetype of inner order: an archetype that  Jung said was perhaps the most important.

 This lecture involves an approach to the alchemical union of opposites through symbolism related to the life and nature of the bee. Some particular opposites associated with the bee, honey and the hive include those of love and war, sweetness and bitterness, the individual and multiplicity, light and dark, order and chaos, industry and laziness, earth and heaven/the sky, sun and moon, spirit and matter, fertility and sterility, regeneration and death. This lecture will explore some of these as Frith brings together her practical experience as a beekeeper and insights gained in her work in Depth psychology.

Frith Luton

Frith Luton

Frith Luton

Frith completed her analyst training in Zurich. Her passionate interest in nature, literature and the symbolic life has been strong since childhood. Frith has been a professional book editor for 25 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History and a Diploma of Education (UMelb), Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing (RMIT) and Master of Analytical Psychology (UWS). Her book Bees, Honey and the Hive: Circumambulating the Centre was published by Inner City Books in 2011.   frithluton.com

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