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A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

21st November 2014

7.00pm      Discussion Group

Prerequisite reading:  "The New God Image"   by Edward F Edinger
Chapter EIGHT
 and Chapter NINE

Questions Chapter 8
1. What developmental stages do the Father, Son and Holy Ghost represent?
2.  Why is the Holy Ghost dangerous for the personally psyche?
3. What is prayer understood psychologically?
4. What is important about the Christ-Son generating the Holy Spirit?
5. What is incarnation understood psychologically?

Questions Chapter 9
1. What is the evolution of the God-Image? 
2. How does the ego experience the Self?
3. Why must we test the Spirits?


8.00pm      Guest Lecture

'The Enclosed Garden: Temenos of the Soul'

Every man should have his own plot of land so that the instincts can come to life again... We All need nourishment for our psyche. It is impossible to find such nourishment in urban tenements without a patch of green or a blossoming tree. We need a relationship with nature.
— C G Jung, "The Earth has a Soul: the Nature Writings of C G Jung", p 154

The Enclosed Garden is one of the oldest expressions of civilization possessing a long and direct relationship to symbolism and mythology.  Such a garden is defined as a fenced-in plot of ground, enclosed and bounded.  This creates a fertile place of verdant abundance, a haven of peace and quiet, shade and water, order and pleasure and a retreat from a hostile, threatening and chaotic wilderness.

The world beyond the wall is boundless, expansive, universal, timeless and chaotic. By contrast, the world within the wall provides us with a sense of palpability of the rich dark earth or the 'erotic' sense of space, senses and feelings of safety, finitude and individuality; a Temenos for the soul.  What archetypal mysteries does this image of a garden surrounded by a wall allude to?

In this presentation Dr Juliana Kaya Prpic will explore three images of the Enclosed Garden: The Garden of Eden, the Islamic Garden and the Taoist Garden.  All three gardens have a rich and unique cultural history, and while each is a cosmos of its own, alive and with many deeply symbolic elements, when taken together we find they share common archetypal threads that reflect the process of individuation. Thus the enclosed garden symbolizes not only our coming into being but also our journey of becoming.

23rd November 2014

WORKSHOP   -   10.00am-4.00pm
109 Brees Rd  KEILOR EAST  VIC  3033

'Tending the Garden of the Soul'

Gardens playfully evoke feelings, images, fantasies that lead us to the world of imagination in which the psychic and the physical/material need no longer be separate.  Gardens are also sanctuaries, sacred space in which soul-making can take place.

This workshop offers an opportunity to encounter the Self.  We will begin with a meditation that takes us tot eh Inner Garden of the Soul. What will we find? trees, flowers, birds, bees, weeds, stones ... a timed ordered garden ...or, a wilderness?

Each participant will then pint, draw or create a collage of the garden that emerges from the visualization, after individual reflection, we will share the images with each other.

In the afternoon session we will use these images to embody a number of psychodramatic gardens (and gardeners) and explore the Inner Gardener - the One who tends the Soul.

COST:  Members - $75  /  Non-members - $90  /  Concession - $80

(includes picnic lunch in the rose garden)
Registration for this Workshop requires a non-refundable 50% deposit

Dr Juliana Kaya Prpic

Dr Juliana Kaya Prpic

Dr Juliana Kaya Prpic

works in higher education as both a teacher and researcher into the processes by which we learn and develop throughout our lives.  She uses imagery, psychodrama and reflection to facilitate both personal and group development.  She is currently a diploma candidate at the C G Jung Institute in Zurich.

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