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Friday, 17th April 2015

7.00pm-7.45pm      Habitat Canterbury      -    The Sanctuary


8.00pm      Habitat Canterbury      -    The Sanctuary

War and the Eternal 'boy' - the story of an Australian Sailor

Given the ANZAC centenary in April 2015, we invite you to reflect with Dr Robert Hoskin on archetypes which often underpin war and military service.

mother's special boy

Robert will share the story of Petty Officer Ted McHaffie, who died in HMAS Sydney, 1941.  This tragic outcome left his family in grief for decades to come. Robert will present his personal encounter with this story, exploring eternal boy (puer), and hero archetypes.  He will discuss both the positive and negative sides of these archetypes, through visual imagery and accompanying story.

His uncle recorded what it meant to be a Navy ‘boy’ through his own art and poetry.  These writings. together with the story of HMAS Sydney II,  inspired Robert to make his own artistic response. In 2009, Dr Hoskin undertook an exhibition at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance of his uncle Ted's story, incorporating a series of sculptures entitled ‘Life boys’ and a ‘felt’ book (paintings on felt).  Robert will talk about these works in the context of their life and archetypal underpinnings.  He will discuss how hero and puer  archetypes are constellated in naval service, particularly in the drama of war.

Dr Robert Hoskin

Dr Robert Hoskin has a life-time interest in the relationship between Jungian studies and spirituality, with a Doctorate of Ministry exploring the archetype of the heroic journey. He is currently completing a PhD based on a long term involvement and relating to an Aboriginal community in the Kimberley, WA.  Robert teaches at OASES, which offers post-graduate Degrees in Sustainability and Social Change.

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