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Friday, 15 July 2016

 7.00pm-7.45pm     Discussion Group (Club Rm)
Facilitated by John Power

Jung on EVIL

Introduction by Murray Stein, editor of the book of the same name


8.00pm                  Guest Speaker

The Shadow & the Problem of Evil

Reflections on a 6-part webinar presented by the Asheville Jung Center
broadcast January-June 2016

The problem of evil infects the individual psyche and the social order. Indeed, it is a fire sweeping across world culture and political arrangements. The reality of evil is indisputable,  but there are questions about it:

     What is it?

Where do we locate it?

What can we do about it?

The sight of evil kindles evil in the soul....
The victim is not the only suffer; everybody in the vicinity of the crime, including the murderer, suffers with him. Something of the abysmal darkness of the world has broken in on us, poinsiningthe very air we breathe and befouling the water with the stale, nauseating taste of blood.
— C G Jung, 1945, "After the Catastrophe"

Mary Duffy will share with the audience her own reflections on a special series
of webinar sessions broadcast from the Asheville Jung Centre in South Carolina USA,
Murray Stein,  Sarah Stein, Erel Shalit, Mary Tomlinson, Henry Abramovitch
and Brigitte Egger.
For more information regarding the webinar series see


Text of the Lecture

Questions from the Lecture


Mary Duffy is a an Artist as well as Life Member and former President of the Jung Society of Melbourne.  She co-coordinates the popular Discussion Group and has conducted courses on Thus Spake Zarathustra and The Red Book.  In 2001 she completed a Post-Graduate Arts Therapy Diploma at theMelbourne Institute of Experimental & Creative Art Therapies (MIECAT).  Mary is also in demand as a speaker at events such as the 2013 National Gathering of Therapeutic and Emotional Release Councillors.

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