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A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Friday, 21 October 2016

7.00pm-7.45pm     Discussion Group (Club Rm)
Facilitated by Mary Duffy
     'The Unconscious Mind'
by Dr C G Jung, "Psychology & Religion" (1938) Chapter 1, pp1-39

8.00pm                  Guest Speaker

City - Psyche - City

A meditation on the dynamic relationship between ourselvesand the places in which we dwell.


They say that Melbourne is a ‘slow reveal’  
it takes time for the layers of   blessing and curse to emerge from the grid - 
as distinct from Sydney...an 'in-your-face' place.

The place where we live is outside, around us and inside us, somatically
and psychically.  The city is a potent space that brings out the best and
the worst of humanity.  The city is where most of us live.

The presentation by Craig San Roque will be a visual reading of extracts from the Alice, Sydney and Melbourne works with Jungian emphasis - on how dreams dreamt in the place slowly reveal much,  telling their own mysterious story of the place.  You will see how a Jungian analyst works within the psyche of the city. A central theme is the psychology of place, the trouble and trauma of displacement and the creative sustainment of community vitality.  
Recommended Reading:  Psyche and the City: A Souls Guide to the Modern Metropolis. Edited by Thomas Singer, M.D.  Spring Journal Books2010.

Sunday, 23 October 2016
                    1.00pm -  4.00pm  

The ‘Slow Reveal’

This workshop will be a practical exploration (as though we were artists, writers/ architects, contemplative walkers) where we allow the Melbourne that you know to reveal itself.  Together this will build up layered intimacies about the city and the places where you live/work. An Jungian analysis of  Melbourne. It is the experience our city life that I want to offer you

Melbourne – ‘Swallows’: follow the footsteps of the Italian immigrant Santospirito family  as they find their way into Carlton and the city of Melbourne. 

Sydney – ‘Purgatorio’: learn much about hidden histories, psychic interaction and dark influences of Woolloomooloo, East Sydney.  

Alice Springs – ‘The Long Weekend’: reflect upon life in the troubled zones of that iconic town where Aboriginal and other peoples and cultures overlap.

Cost*  Members - $40 /  Non-members - $60 / Concession - $50    
To register, please email the Honorary Secretary cgjungsocietymelbourne@gmailcom

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Craig San Roque  is a Jungian Analyst based in Sydney and Alice Springs, working in indigenous mental health and environmental psychology and active in the formation of ANZSJA, the analytic training and the University of Western Sydney Master’s in Jungian and cultural psychology, (1999-2009). Recent works include: Placing Psyche, an exploration of unconscious cultural complexes in Australia; The Long Weekend in Alice Springs - an award winning graphic novel by Josh Santospirito and Craig San Roque; Persephone’s Dog - a version of the Eleusis Demeter/Persephone myth re-interpreted for modern conditions - performed in a rock quarry outside Alice Springs, September 2015, and Empathy, Innocence and the Hired Gun – an event for Footscray Community Arts Centre for artists working in traumatized communities.

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