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Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Friday, 18 August 2017

7.00pm-7.45pm   Discussion Group
Facilitated by Annette Lowe

'What to Do when the great wave comes'
taken from "HARMONY:  A New Way of Looking at the World"
by  HRH The Prince of Wales with Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly
 (2010) pp298-211


8.00pm   Guest Lecture

Please Note - Due to circumstances beyond our control,
the previously advertised Lecture 'Stormy Weather: Engaging with Climate Change';
and its associated Workshop: 'Green Alchemy'
have both had to be postponed to 2018.

Wunggud’s thread: One Ngarinyin story of individuation


The late Bungal (David) Mowaljarlai OAM, the revered Ngarinyin lawman and Elder, believed that the telling of Aboriginal stories was important for building understanding between cultures and for revealing the fundamental similarity of our origins, identity, social codes and destiny.

His painting and its associated narrative The Beginning of Humans is a Dreamtime story of Aboriginal identity, where the world of spirit and matter come together. Jung also had a story where the world of consciousness and unconsciousness come together in the individual. This presentation is my exploration of how these two stories, so different in place and time and culture, might actually be telling the same story – the story of the individuation journey.

Dr Juliana Kaya Prpic is an educator & researcher at the University of Melbourne, while also training as a Jungian Analyst at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich. She has a deep interest in the symbolic life and archetype patterns as they are expressed in dreams, myths, folk tales and nature. Her current research includes an exploration of Australian Indigenous mythology & knowledge systems.  Juliana is also working in collaboration with the Gunditjmara community to develop a new subject in Indigenous Design.  In April 2017, Juliana was elected President of the Jung Society of Melbourne.

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