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A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Friday, 15 September 2017

7.00pm-7.45pm   Discussion Group
facilitated by Mary Duffy

'Pandora: Divine Benefactress or the Beautiful Evil'
'The City: The Ultimate Vessel'

"Healing Pandora" (2009) North Atlantic Books, chpt 1, pp3-9 and chpt 8, pp89-107


8.00pm   Guest Lecture

The Archetypal Kore

Archetypal Kore

Kore, from the Greek word for Virgin or Maiden, is a most mysterious figure. Youthful, elusive and paradoxical, the Kore is unto-herself—sovereign, yet deeply related.

In Jung’s essay ‘The Psychological Aspects of the Kore’ (1951) he makes the astonishing statement that the Kore is a Self-figure for women, and has a power that is equivalent to that of the archetypal Mother. These two rarely discussed ideas have significance for women’s psychology, and have direct bearing on the development of feminine consciousness in both women and men.

Who is this figure that is accorded such psychological power and significance? In Greek mythology the Moirai (Fates), Erinyes (Furies) and Horai (Hours), among other triad goddesses, exemplify the Kore archetype. This lecture will explore what this archetype is, the mythology of Korai triad goddesses, and their importance to both the study of the archetypal feminine and women’s psychology.

Workshop, Saturday 16th September (Cancelled)

The Feminine in Film
with Glen Slater & Safron Rossi

Safron Rossi

Safron Rossi, Ph.D. has spent her life steeped in literature, religion and mythology, fields in which she holds her degrees. She is Assoc. Core Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute (Santa Barbara, CA) in the Jungian & Archetypal Studies MA/PhD program, and teaches courses on mythology, archetypal symbolism and scholarly praxis.  Her work focuses on Greek mythology, archetypal psychology, astrology, goddess traditions, and feminist studies. Safron edited Joseph Campbell's Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine (2013) and is writing a book on the Kore archetype & triad goddesses.

Glen Slater

Glen Slater, Ph.D. has taught at Pacifica Graduate Institute since 1998. He is currently Associate Chair of the Jungian and Archetypal Studies Program. Glen edited and introduced the 3rd volume of James Hillman’s Uniform Edition, Senex and Puer (2005), and the essay collection, Varieties of Mythic Experience (2008). He is a former film review editor of Spring Journal. Glen lectures to Jung groups throughout the United States and Australia.

Safron and Glen are also original members of the faculty at the Life Artistry Centre for Archetype, Imagination, Vocation, based in Melbourne.   

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