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Friday, 17 August 2018

7.00pm-7.45pm   Discussion Group


8.00pm   Guest Speaker

'Participation Mystique'

Being 'at-one' with Nature

The further we go back in life, the more we see personality disappearing beneath the wrappings of collectivity. And if we go right back to primitive psychology, we find absolutely no trace of the concepts of an individual. Instead we find only collective relationships or what Levy-Bruhl calls ‘participation mystique’
— ~ Jung, Psychological types, CW 6, para 12
participation mystique.jpg

Our sense of self is not just centred on the individual but also on the coherent sense of identity felt as part of a larger group and the ecology of the planet. Inhabiting life from within the felt experience of ecology we discover something profound, that we are not separate individuals but a part of a dynamic inter-connected matrix of co-arising. In every moment of our lives we are at a participatory edge, becoming through our interactions, through choices of being, seeing, relating, doing, creating ourselves as we co-create worlds.

A large proportion of these ‘choices’ are unconscious. We discover our individuality is simply a unique expression of the way we are connected and in conversational dialogue with the life world. The world is not a collection of objects; it’s not even a collection of subjects. It’s a process of co-arising in a field of inter-being that is a wild space of creative emergence. The world emerges, evolves through our inter-connections and our inter-being. It unfolds; we each unfold, in a dance of partnership. We are parts of the larger, largely invisible, matrix of inter-being. We are partnering its arising. We are being partnered in our arising.

The operating ego, the habituated self, works to keep the self both safe and connected. It limits us and keeps us operating in often dysfunctional ways. We need to see through the constructs of the personality, honour the values that are at its core, heal the wounds that have us attached to fixed ways of being, thinking and relating, so as to be more flexible, to make choices that lead to greater freedom, self-expression and deeper, co-creative connection. Conflict, challenge and difficulty are evolutionary invitations to unfold potentials and expand relationship.

18 & 19 August 2018

'Participation Mystique' Workshop

Saturday 10.00am-5.00pm / Sunday 10.00pm-4.00pm

The Michael Centre  37A Wellington Park Dr  WARRANWOOD  3134

No man lives within his own psychic sphere like a snail in its shell, separate from everybody else...
— ~ Jung, CW 10, para 408

Building on the theoretical landscape painted on Friday, Dr Caresse Cranwell invites you to join her in an experience of deepening connection. Using a range of embodying ways to engage soul, including symbol work, journaling, open-heart meditation, ritual such as the sacred hearth circle, and art making, Caresse will guide us into deep inquiry into the nature of ourselves and our deeper purpose. Come, listen deeply to the invitation that life is holding for you. Come and take some time to step out of your every-day life busyness where we feel separate from everything to that deeper place where we are profoundly connected. Come and participate in this 2-day work-shop to experience the nature within you, the nature around you & the nature between you.

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 Dr CARESSE CRANWELL   is a counsellor, coach and spoken word artist. She has a PhD in Eco-philosophy and Advanced Certificates in Transpersonal and Inner Inquiries. The combination enables her to lead people in individual and group processes that enable them to connect deeply to themselves, others, their Higher purpose and Self and their co-creative heart. Caresse is currently developing a webinar series plus an online plus learning & coaching program around Evolutionary Spirituality. Her specialties include: Ecological identity and Systems Theory; Integral approaches to Personal and Social Change; Personal and Group Immunity to Change; Personality and Emotional Intelligence; Panpsychism; Theory U and Jungian symbolic dialogue.

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