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Friday, 20 July 2018

7.00pm-7.45pm   Discussion Group


8.00pm   Guest Speaker

Dreaming Up Babies

  Fertility Goddess (2010) by Kari Lehr   www.karilehrart.com   Published with permission

Fertility Goddess (2010) by Kari Lehr  www.karilehrart.com  Published with permission

They [Dreams] do not deceive...
They are invariably seeking to express something that the ego does not know and does not understand.
— ~Jung, CW 17, para 189

Pregnancy is a time known for its vivid dreaming. It is period of massive change, gestating a natural inwardness and rich inner communication from the deep and emerging self. As Jungians we are often interested, from an archetypal perspective, in images of pregnancy and birthing within our dreams however there has been limited work published on dreams during pregnancy from a Jungian standpoint. At the same time pregnancy is a massive industry - with endless books and advice for pregnant women, often offering them a reductionist interpretation of what their dreams are meant to mean.

This talk will explore the psychological transition and natural struggles that arise within pregnancy. Delving into the ways the deep self communicates with women during pregnancy seeking to express things yet unknown through dream images. Creative ways to conceive and facilitate a dialogue between the deep self and the ego during this pivotal time of transition will also be presented.



Sunday, 22 July 2018


Dreaming up Babies

A workshop exploring images of Pregnancy
and birthing within our dreams

10.00am - 4.00pm

The Stables  19 Duke St,  RICHMOND  3121


If the products of the anima (dreams, fantasies, visions, symptoms, chance ideas, etc) are assimulated, digested, and integrated,
this has a beneficial effect on the growth and development (‘nourishment’) of the psyche.
— ~ Jung, CW 14, Para 424
birthing our dreams.jpg

Dreams of pregnancy and gestation often visit us during pivotal times of our life. After Friday’s talk, this workshop moves away from the literal experience of pregnancy, moving towards the symbolic meanings of gestation and birthing for us all within our own dreaming.

This workshop with  Rebeka Harriott will provide a space to amplify and deepen some of the images of pregnancy, gestation and birthing that occur within our dreaming.  It will explore both the larger collective or cultural layers of these images and our own personal associations to gestation and birthing. Through the use of creative materials and methods, there will be time for both personal reflection and amplification within the group, including a dream group process of these images and symbols within our own worlds.

Rebeka Harriott.jpg

REBEKA HARRIOTT is a Jungian psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne. Rebeka holds a Masters degree in counselling and has over a decade clinical experience working in community settings specializing in trauma. Rebeka has an interest in Sandplay and Dreamwork as part of her therapeutic approach and is currently enrolled as a trainee within the 2013 intake of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analyst’s (ANZSJA) analyst training program. https://rebekaharriott.com/

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