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Friday, 16 November 2018

7.00pm-7.45pm   Discussion Group

8.00pm   Guest Lecture

Stormy Weather:

Engaging in Climate Change

Stormy Weather

Contemporary ecological issues are challenging both the world - and our view of it. Climate change in particular calls for a development of new understandings about ourselves, our lives, our societies and our planet. Depth psychology can contribute by exploring present and future imaginings about the world, recognising the influence of old myths that drive global warming alongside the new myths emerging in response. Global warming is difficult to think about and engage with because of the disturbing emotions it provokes. When we can facilitate in depth discussions about the emotional and existential dimensions of climate change, it opens up the space for a re-conceptualisation of the problems and for constructive action.

This talk explores how climate change conversations can facilitate consciousness change and sustained action. I draw on stories taken from research group discussions about psychological responses to climate change, where participants shared dreams, imaginings, frustrations, grief, hopes, fears and inspirations. These discussions enabled those involved to reflect upon changing personal and collective myths, while nurturing the awareness and resilience to sustain ongoing climate engagement and action.

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Workshop   10.00am– 4.00pm
The Stables   19 Duke St   Richmond 3121

Green Alchemy:
A creative workshop with Sally Gillespie & Jonathan Marshall

Green Alchemy

In this workshop we approach psychological responses to climate change and other ecological disruptions, through alchemy, dreams, art processes and group discussions. Climate change and other environmental crises presents us with a series of existential and psychological dilemmas, which can lead to overwhelm, paralysis, depression or desperation.

Inspired by alchemical processes, we can find the space to explore the challenges and opportunities of engaging with these dilemmas by drawing upon the dynamics of symbolic expression. Alchemy reminds us that the darkest mess can precede a change of consciousness and may even be necessary for transformation and action. Join us in group interactive processes and discussions which aim to facilitate inspiration, motivation and resilience for engaging with the collective environmental challenges of our times.

Cost: Members - $130 /  Non-members - $170 / Concession - $150
(includes lunch plus morning and afternoon teas)

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Green Alchemy
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Sally Gillespie

Dr Sally Gillespie gained her doctorate at the University of Western Sydney researching responses to climate change engagement through a depth psychological lens. She is the author of Living the Dream; The Book of Dreaming; and she contributed two chapters to Depth Psychology, Disorder and Climate Change (edited by Jonathan Marshall). Sally practised as a Jungian psychotherapist for over twenty years, and served as the President of the CG Jung Society of Sydney from 2006 to 2010. More recently she has been lecturing and facilitating workshops in climate change psychology and ecopsychology. Sally is a member of the Climate Wellbeing Network and Psychology for a Safe Climate.

Jonathan Paul Marshall.jpg

Dr Jonathan Paul Marshall is a Future Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney. He has written about the history of alchemy, online community, online gender, the failure of computer software and the psychology of climate change. His books include, as author, Jung, Alchemy and History; Living on Cybermind: Categories, Communication and Control: Disorder and the Disinformation Society, and as editor Depth Psychology, Disorder and Climate Change. He has also been a avant-rock musician, playwright and novelist.


Earth, Climate, Dreams—Online Panel & Community Conversation

includes both Dr Gilespie and Dr Marshall as well as  Dr Susannah Benson  (2017 May Lecturer).



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