C G Jung Society of Melbourne Inc

Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Jung in Melbourne

Jung Society Activities

  • Monthly Meeting - (see Friday Night Meetings Info)
    Discussion of Selected Topic plus  Guest Lecture and Q & A
    Venue:  2 Mont Albert Rd, Canterbury, VIC  3126  (corner of Burke Rd)
  • Workshops -  (See 2017 Friday Meetings)
    Whole day or half day deeper analysis and exploration of Guest Lecturer topics.
    Venues are advised for each workshop.
  • Meetup Group - (See Discussions, Dreams & Meetup)
    Informal get-togethers hosted by Committee Member, Johnny Heng
  • Core Concept Courses - (see 2017 Courses & Events)
    Conducted annually covering key premises that underlie Jung's ideas. 
    Valuable for both those new to the work of Jung and professionals seeking a refresher course.
  • Special Courses - (see 2017 Courses & Events)
    2016 - Kevin Toohey - Archetypal Patterns in Fairytales (4-wks)
    2015 - Dr David Tacey - The Soul's Symbolic Code  (4-wks)

Retreats - intensive weekends on a selected topic. (see 2016 Courses & Events)
2016 - Remi B Messenger - The Myth of Inanna & Ereshkigal
2014 - TPIG: 'Embodying the Spirit of the Work of C G Jung'

  • Special Focus Group Discussions (see Discussions, Dreams & Meetup)
    • Mornings with Dr Claire
    • The Red Book
    • Melbourne Dream Catchers @ Temple of Dreams
  • Special Events and Conferences (see 2016 Courses & Events)
    2016 - May Symposium: Constructing a Third Millennium Spirituality
    - Book Promotion & Afternoon Tea for Marian Dunlea - "BodyDreamingTM"
    2015 - Luncheon for Jung's 140th Birthday (Keynote Speaker, Tanja Stark on 'David Bowie & Jung')
    2014 - Seminar at Bendigo Regional Art Gallery: 'Symbolism in Art: Revising a Lost Language'

    2013 - Symposium: Understanding Wagner's Ring Cycle from a Jungian Perspective (2-days)
  • Jungian Library - the largest Jungian Library in Australia (see Library pages)
  • Production of CDs and DVDs - (see CD Collection under Library)
    Lectures are filmed and audio-recorded; then made available for sale at minimal cost. 


At the instigation of the late Hazel Parker in 1962, Dr Euan MacLean organised a showing of the filmed interview  "C G Jung: Face to Face" by John Freeman.  At the end of the evening  Ms Parker's suggestion "Let's have a Jung Society" was taken up. The Jung Society of Melbourne is reputed to have been the very first Jung Society in the world not to be established a professional body of therapists, but instead by a collection of academics, health and therapeutic professionals plus autodidacts, students, and the merely curious - and so it remains today.

After more than sixty years the Society continues to flourish as a monthly meeting place for members and non-members alike for the discussion, exploration and ongoing development and application of the concepts conceived and espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung.  Increasingly our meetings are being equally recognized as opportunities for fellowship with other like-minded souls.  Indeed, the buzz in the supper room intensifies with each passing month.  In 2015 the Society celebrated and commemorated in fine style with a formal luncheon, the 140th birthday of Carl Gustav Jung.  Photos of this event are posted on the website

In keeping with extraordinary wide breadth of Jung's own explorations, the Jung Society of Melbourne endeavors to bring together diverse approaches towards psychological, mental and spiritual development and to encourage the birth of new ideas and directions

The Jung Society has long established links with a number of organizations with different but overlapping interests, as well as close ties with Jung Societies across Australia.
During the 1980-90s the Jung Society shared lecturers with the Richard Wagner Society. 
In May 2014 the Society joined forces with the Transpersonal Psychology Interest Group (TPIG) of the Australian Psychological Society - Victorian Branch to hold a special conference/retreat entitled: Embodying the Spirit of the Work of C G Jung with David Tacey as Keynote Speaker.  In 2016 the Society is especially pleased to welcome Marian Dunlea, founding member of Bodysoul Europe and core faculty member of the Marion Woodman Foundation.  The Afternoon Tea & Book Promotion in October is sure to be a special event.

In keeping pace with societal and technological changes, the Society has a Facebook site which Members and the broader community (1000+ world-wide) find valuable as a notice board and loci to share all things Jung.

 A Program Booklet is published annually each January.  Contact the Honorary Secretary for a copy to be posted to you.  info@jungsocietymelbourne.com

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