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Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

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No.        Speaker                     CD Title

 591       ADDELL, Dr Terry    -    Jung and Screen Fiction
676       ADLER, G and others     -    Carl Gustav Jung et al (BBC programme)
563      AUSTIN, Sue    -    Exploring the Transformative Potential in Women's Aggressive Fantasies of Explosive Visibility

592      BAIRD, Neil    -    Face of the Feminine 
640      BEARSLEY, Catherine    -    The Importance of Ritual and Rites of Passage in Our Time
559      BECHER, Margaret    -    Incarnating the Spirit of Love
630      BECHER, Margaret    -    Mother
610       BISHOP, Peter    -    The Paradox of Hope: Tibet and the Utopian Imagination (2 CDs)
628      BLY, Robert    -    The Naive Male
410-11   BOSNAK, Robert    -     A Little Course in Dreams  (2 CDs) 
595      BOSNAK, Robert    -    The Influence of Psychotherapy on the Immune System  
661       BURNETT, Patrick    -   Dreams and the Dual Nature of Consciousness 

626      CARTER, Cassandra    -    The Green Man and the Goddess  
560     CAULFIELD, Margaret     -    The Father - Daughter Relationship: Empowerment & Dis-empowerment
678      CERUTTY, Dorothea   -    The Self and the Trickster in Celtic Literature
588      CLEZY, Gillian    -    Dreams, Psyche, Language: Some Development Considerations
625      CLARK, Brian    -    Ancient Gods With Modern Faces
656      CLARK, Brian    -     Revisioning the Masculine Sky God
659      CLARK, Brian    -    The Pearl in the Whale: Creative Aspects of Depression   
668      COBURN, Dr Clare     -    Turning the Golden Key: Image, Power and Wisdom in Stories

623      DALY, Nuria Irene    -    Pilgrimage - A Journey to Self: A Sufi Perspective
581      DELANEY, Craig   -    Hestia and the Archetype of Being Present
616      DI LAURO, Anne  -     Archetypal Themes in Collodi's "Pinocchio" 
620     DUFFY, Mary    -    Introducing The Red Book
636     DUFFY, Mary & LOWE, Annette    -    "A Dangerous Method": Truth or Fiction
672     DUNNE, Claire    -    Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul   

615      ESTES, Clarissa Pinkola    -    Warming the Stone Child

621      FALKINER, Tim    -    The Zone of the Pokies Addict 
585     FODE, Georgia    -    Mandalas As Reflecting of Inner Journeys
677      FRENCH, Dr Claire    -   Myth and Spirituality
562      FRENCH, Dr Claire    -    Teilhard de Chardin and C G Jung
624      FRENCH, Dr Claire    -    The Goddess Archetype

631      GRIBBON, Dr Chris    -    Different Visions of the Afterlife in Ancient Greece

582      HALL, James A     -    Jung: Interpreting Your Dreams
568      HALLIDAY, Shirley    -    When the Mother's Asleep: One Archetypal Response
446      HAMILTON, Clive    -    Environmentalism and Mysticism 
633      HAMILTON, Patricia    -    Myths of the Modern Age as Found in the Movies 
583      HARCOURT, Joan    -    Coming Home to Myself: Singing My Own Song
589      HARCOURT, Joan    -    The Crone: The Archetype of the Wise Woman Elder
593      HERMISTON, Jenny    -    Daughters of the Land: A Knotted Ball of Wool  
670      HILGENDORF, Linden    -    Becoming a Child of Illusion 
685      HILGENDORF, Linden    -    The Knight and the Rose 
681       HILGENDORF, Linden     -    Turandot: The Frozen Princess 
690-1    HILLMAN, James    -    Oedipus Revisited 
687-8    HOPCKE, Robert    -     Men's Dreams: Men's Healing (2 CDs) 

613       ILGAUSKAS, Roaman    -    Sandplay in Adult Psychotherapy
638      ILGAUSKAS, Roman   -    The Aboriginal Story of the Giant Devil Dingo: Evil Dog or Spiritual Companion 

660      JANSEN, Patrick    -    The Body / Psyche Relationship 
205-6    JOHNSON, Robert    -    Dionysus: The Forgotten God (2 CDs)
204      JOHNSON, Robert    -    Stages of Life
192-5    JOHNSON, Robert    -    The Art of Mythological Thinking: The Psychology of Jung (4 CDs)
675      JOHNSON, Robert    -    The Religious Climate of Our Time 
692      JOHNSON, Robert    -    The Wounded Feeling Function

697       KESTER, Sally    -    The Myth of the Journey
212-4     KESTER, Sally    -    The Symbolism of Mozart's "Magic Flute" (3 CDs)
186-190  KESTER, Sally   -    Wagner's "The Ring of the Niebelung" (5 CDs) 

635       KETELS, Maxwell    -    Piper at the Gates of Dawn:The Historic and Symbolic Pan 
646       KUJAWA, Joanna    -    Carl Jung and the Gnostic Gospels 

686       LEWIS, Jo Anne    -   The Inner Companion
665       LIER, Doris    -    The Dream's Life in Jungian Psychology
565       LOWE, Annette    -    The Real Dionysos
598       LOWE, Annette    -    On the Origins of Religion: Why does Religion Exist? How does it Form? 
682-3    LUKE, Helen   -     Old Age: Journey Into Simplicity (2 CDs) 
643       LUTON, Frith    -    Circumambulating the Centre: The Symbolism of Bees, the Honey and the Bee Hive 

520      MACKIE, Chris    -    The Symbolic Descent in Greek Myth
662      MACRIS, Peter    -    Complexes, Neuroses and the Body 
658      MACRIS, Peter    -    Depression: A Gift or a Curse? 
639      MATTHEWS, Dr Robert    -     Feather Fall: Living with the Autonomous
666      McBRIDE, Terry    -    Jungian Perspectives on the Psychology of Dreams 
680      McBRIDE, Terry    -    The God Image in the Human Psyche
694-5    McBRIDE, Terry    -    "The Interior Castle" of Saint Teresa of Avila 
250      McBRIDE, Terry    -    Working with Inner Opposites Towards Wholeness 
558      MILNE, Beverley    -    I Ching, Book of Changes
647      MORREY, Nic      -      The Structure of the Psyche in Relationship
667      MORROW, Hope    -    The Goddess of Many Places
596-7   MORTON, John    -    Archetypes and Aborigines (2 CDs)
608      MORTON, John    -    Religious Symbolism in Aboriginal Central Australia 
693      MOSS, Stephen    -   A Practical Introduction to Jung's Typology 

671      NOACK, John    -    Quest for the Holy Grail 
634     NORTON, Joy    -    Vesta: Cultivating Stillness at the Centre of the Self

664     O'BRIEN, Noel    -     The Promise of the Divine Child 
657      OLIPHANT, David    -    The Spirit of Place 
584      O'LOUGHLIN, Stan    -    Parsifal 
614      O'LOUGHLIN ,Stan    -    Tristan and Isolde: Thoughts on the Psychology of Romantic Love
689     OXLADE, Elizabeth    -    Dreams of the Lost Feminine: For Men and Women    

622      PHILLIPS, Helen    -    Creative Envy
580      PEAKE, Martin    -     Psycho-Spiritual Counselling: Theory and Practice
571       POLLOCK, Irene    -    Jung, Sufism & the Parallels in the Use of Storytelling in the Evolution of Spirituality

617       PORTER, Rosemary E    -    Unfolding Spiral of Consciousness, The: Symbolism of the Hindu Naga / Serpent Goddess
70         PRPIC, Dr Julianna M     -     The Enclosed Garden: Temenos of the Soul

651       RANSOME, Antony    -    The Archetypal Possibilities of Opera
652      RAVENSWOOD, Rodney    -    The Way of the Ego: Individuation and the Life of Christ 
561       RAVENSWOOD, Rodney    -    The Psychological Importance of Conflict
586       RAVENSWOOD, Rodney    -    The Psychological Types of C G Jung
607       RAVENSWOOD, Rodney    -    Self, Soul and Ego: The Symbolic Life
566       REISBERG, Leonie    -    The Art of Maternal Holding
572       ROMANYSHIN, Robert        -    Exile and the Journey of Becoming

569-570 ROSEN, David    -    Transforming Depression (2 CDs)
644       ROUSENFELL, Vanda     -    Spiritus Contra Spiritum: Jung & the Genesis of AA 12 Step Programs
594       RUSSELL, David     -    Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice
674       RUSSELL, David    -    Jung and Religious Experience 
587       RYAN-BLOORE, Joy    -   Christmas - A Radical Challenge: Contemporary Reflectionson the Call to Individuation

599      SEMETSKY, Inna    -    The Archetypal Dynamics of Tarot Symbols: A Case Study (2 CDs)
449      SHOTTER, Anne    -    A Fool and Her Journey
642      SLATER,Glen    -    The God Complex 
609      SNEDDON, Joan     -    About Labyrinths
528      SNEDDON, Joan    -    The Value of Stories in Therapy and Ministry 
679      STORR, Anthony     -    Individuation and the Creative Process 
637      SUMNER, Mark    -    Bidden or Unbidden: God is Present - Religion in the Psychology of C G Jung
653      SYMES, Mary    -    Dreaming Through Grief 
653      SYMES, Mary     -   Dreams: A Dialogue with the Unconscious 

627      TACEY, David    -    Gods and Diseases: Psyche, Body and Healing 
600      TACEY, David    -    Homecoming to the Self: Personal Transformation
590      TACEY, David    -    Individuation as a Balancing Act (2 CDs)
673      TACEY, David    -    Jung and Spirit
579      TACEY, David    -    Jung and the Religious and Political Future
567      TACEY, David    -    Jung's Reputation as a Post-Modern Spiritual Problem
603      TACEY, David    -    Mental Health and the Mystery of Healing
575      TACEY, David    -    Myth, Consciousness and the Stages of Life
576      TACEY, David    -    Neuroses, Therapy and Individuation
602      TACEY, David    -    Soul and Earth: The Impact of Place Upon the Psyche 
578      TACEY, David    -    Spirituality and Healing
601      TACEY, David    -    Spiritual Intuition of Young Adults
577      TACEY, David    -    The Dark Sides of Individuals and Nations
604      TACEY, David    -    The Difference Between Spiritual Emergency and Mental Illness
611       TACEY, David    -    The Erotic Divine: Jung, Freud and the Axis of Eros
573      TACEY, David    -    The Language of the Soul in a Time of Science
574      TACEY, David    -    The Meaning of the Dark God   
618      TASKER, Richard    -    Alexander and Jung 
619      TAYLOR, Jeremy    -    Exploring Your Dreams
645      TE PASKE Mary    -    Magdalene as a Gnostic Visionary 
606      THOMPSON, Colin    -    Mindfulness and Jung
663      TOOHEY Kevin    -    Gold in Dark Places: Interpretation of a Fairytale 
629      TOOHEY, Kevin    -    Individuation Motifs in a Fairy Tale: "The King's Son Who Feared Nothing"
669      TOOHEY, Kevin    -    The Frog Princess: Insights Into the Anima Problem
659      TOOHEY, Kevin    -    The Pearl in the Whale: Creative Aspects of Depression 

648-650 ULANOV, Ann & Barry    -   Human Sexual Identity: Anima and Animus (3 CDs) 

 605       VICKERS-WILLIS, Robyn    -   Navigating the Empty Nest and Beyond

369-70    VON FRANZ, Marie-Louise    -    An Informal Afternoon of Reflection on Jungian Psychology (2 CDs) 

597      WALKER, Lorraine    -    The Inner River: Source and Destiny
684      WHITMONT, Edmond    -    The Dynamics of Healing 
641      WOODMAN, Marion    -    Sitting By the Well: Bringing the Feminine to Consciousness Through Language, Dreams &Metaphor (6 CDs) 
632      WOODS, Stella    -    Neptune in Pisces: The Rise of the Feminine

612      YEGANAH, Victoria    -    Psychosis: A Jungian Exploration

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