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Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

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No.        Speaker                     DVD Title

 54      ASHVILLE Jung Center     -    The Jung-White Letters: A Theatrical Performance
                                                        Zurich Seminar on Jung & Victor White (2 DVDs) 

20      BAIRD, Neil    -    Face of the Feminine
41       BECHER, Margaret    -     Mother
59      BLUM, David    -    Appointment With The Wise Old Dog: Dream Images in a Time of Crisis
45      BLY, Robert    -    A Gathering of Men (6 DVDs) 
94      BLY, Robert & WOODMAN, Marion    -    Men and Women: 1) The Betrayal
95      BLY, Robert & WOODMAN, Marion    -    Men and Women: 2) The Pin
96      BLY, Robert & WOODMAN, Marion    -    Men and Women: 3) The Descent
97      BLY, Robert & WOODMAN, Marion     -    Men and Women: 4) The Baba Yaga
98      BLY, Robert & WOODMAN, Marion    -    Men and Women: 5) The Firebird
99      BLY, Robert & WOODMAN, Marion    -    Men and Women: 6) The Sacred Marriage  

26      CAMPBELL, Joseph    -    The Power of Myth 1) The Hero’s Adventure 2) The Message of the Myth
27      CAMPBELL, Joseph    -    The Power of Myth 3) The First Storytellers 4) Sacrifice and Bliss
27      CAMPBELL, Joseph    -    The Power of Myth 5) Love and The Goddess 6) Masks of Eternity
78      CAMPBELL, Joseph    -    Joseph Campbell – A Biographical Portrait: “The Hero’s Journey”
49      CAMPBELL. Joseph    -    Sukhavati: A Place of Bliss - a mythic journey with Joseph Campbell
82      CLARK, Brian    -    Nike: Winged Victory
10       CLEZY, Gillian    -    Dreams, Psyche and Language: Some Developmental Considerations
60      CLEZY, Gillian    -    Touchstones, Complex and Projections

51       DALY, Nuria Irene    -    Pilgrimage: Journey to Self: A Sufi Perspective
53      DI LAURO, Anne    -    Archetypal Themes in Collodi's "Pinocchio" 
48      DUFFY, Mary    -    God: The Experience and the Expression
50      DUFFY, Mary    -    Introduction to The Red Book
85      DUFFY, Mary & LOWE, Annette    -    The Film "A Dangerous Method": Truth or Fiction? 

  9      EDINGER, Edward    -    Wholeness Lost and Found:
                                             The Ego-Self Relation as Revealed in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure
71      EVETTS-SECKER, Josephine    -    Why is There No Nothing? 

56      FALKINER, Tim    -    The Zone of the Pokies' Addict
 5       FODE, Georgina     -    Mandalas as Reflections of Inner Journeys

15      GIMBUTAS, Maria    -    The World of the Goddess
74      GRIBBON, Dr Chris    -    Different Visions of the Afterlife in Ancient Greece

76      HAMILTON, Patricia    -    Myths of the Modern Age- As Found in the Movies
 11      HARCOURT, Joan    -    Crone, The: The Artchetype of the Wise Woman Elder
21      HERMISTON, Jennie    -    Daughters of the Land: A Knotted Ball of Wool
79      HEYDT, Baronesss van der    -    Interview
  2      HILLMAN, James    -    A Birthday Conversation: May 2006
55      HILLMAN, James    -    Jung and Active Imagination

42      ILGAUSKAS, Roman    -    Sandplay in Adult Psychotherapy
86      ILGAUSKAS, Roman    -    The Aboriginal Story of the Giant Devil Dingo: Evil Dog
                                                              or Spiritual Companion? 

16      JOHNSON, Robert    -    In Search of the Holy Grail
46     JOHNSON, Robert    -    Slender Threads: A Conversation with Robert Johnson
77      JUNG, CG     -    Interview on "Face to face" with John Freeman (BBC) 
  8      JUNG, Carl Gustav    -   MATTER OF HEART 1985 (film)

12      KALFF , Dora    -    Sandplay with DMK
91      KRAM, Dr David, DUFFY, Mary & DOYLE, Prof Derry    -  
                  The Ring Backwards: Understanding Wagner's Ring Cycle from a JungianPerspective (2 DVDs) 
88      KRONENBERG, David (Dir)    -    A DANGEROUS METHOD, 2011
93      KUJAWA, Dr Joanna    -    Jung and the Gnostic Gospels

29      LOWE, Annette     -    On the Origins of Religion

24      MORTON, John    -    Archetypes an Aborigines

44      NEVILLE, Dr Bernie    -    The Jungian Ecopsychologist
 81      NORTON, Joy    -     Vesta: Cultivating Stillness at the Centre of the Self   

43      O'LOUGHLIN, Stan    -   Tristan and Isolde: Thoughts on the Psychology of Romantic Love

  7      PEAKE, Martin    -    Psycho-Spiritual Counselling: Theory and Practice
61      PHILLIPS, Helen    -    Creative Envy
47      PORTER, Rosemary E    -    The Unfolding Spiral of Consciousness: the Symbolism of the Hindu Naga/Serpent Goddess

 6      RAVENSWOOD, Rodney    -    The Psychological Types of C G Jung
37     RAVENSWOOD, Rodney    -    Self, Soul and Ego: The Symbolic Life
73     ROSS, Dr Gillian    -    Birthing the Global Butterfly: The Growing Imperative of Individuation
92     ROUSENFELL, Dr Vanda    -    Spiritus Contra Spiritum: Jung & the Genesis of AA 12 Step Programs
22     RUSSELL, David    -    Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice

13      SANDPLAY     -    Gardens of the Soul: Sandplay Therapy (mostly in German, some English)
68      SCHWEIZER, Andreas & STEIN, Murray    -    Symbols of Individuation in Religion and Mythology: The Case of Egypt
90      SLATER, Glen    -    The God Complex
38      SNEDDON, Joan    -    About Labyrinths
57      STEIN, Murray    -    Carl Jung's Red Book
65      STEIN, Murray    -    Individuation: A Lifelong Journey
66      STEIN, Murray & HILL, John    -    Dream Interpretation: A Jungian Interpretation
67      STEIN ,Murray & BRUTSCHE, Paul    -    Active Imagination in Jungian Analysis
69      STEIN, Murray & JACOBY, Mario    -    Transference, the Therapeutic Relationship in Religion
                                                                    and Transformation in Therapy

72      STEIN, Murray & COLMAN, Warren    -    The Creation of Symbolic Meaning on the Path
                                                                            to Individuation

87      SUMNER, Mark      -  Bidden or Unbidden: Religion in the Psychology of CG Jung

 1       TACEY, David    -    Psychology and the Soul
 3      TACEY, David    -    C G Jung: A Psychology with Soul
14      TACEY, David    -    Individuation as a Balancing Act
30     TACEY, David    -    Homecoming to the Self: Personal Transformation
89      TACEY, David    -    Jung and the Prophetic Life
31      TACEY, David    -    Spiritual Intuition in Young Adults
32      TACEY, David    -    Soul and Earth: The Impact of Place Upon the Psyche
33      TACEY, David    -    Mental Health and the Mystery of Healing
34      TACEY, David    -    The Difference Between Spiritual Emergence and Mental Illness
39      TACEY, David    -    The Erotic Divine: Jung Freud and the Axis of Eros
62      TACEY, David    -    Gods and Diseases: Psyche, Body and Health
80      TACEY, David    -    James Hillman, 1926-2011: An Appreciation of His Life and Work
52      TASKER, Richard    -    Alexander and Jung
36      THOMSON, Colin    -    Mindfulness and Jung

18      VAN DER POST, Laurens    -    The Story of Carl Gustav Jung
35     VICKERS-WILLIS, Robyn    -    Navigating the Empty Nest and Beyond

19       WADELL, Terri    -    Jung and Screen Fiction
25      WALKER, Lorraine    -    The Inner River: Source and Destiny
84      WOODMAN, Marion    -    Dancing in the Flames
83      WOODMAN, Marion    -    Psyche and Soma: A Conversation with Marion Woodman  
70      WOODMAN, Marion    -    The Feminine and Addiction: A Conversation with Marion Woodman
75      WOODS, Stella    -     Neptune in Pisces: The Rise of Feminine Consciousness

40      YEGANEH, Victoria    -    Psychosis: A Jungian Exploration

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