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Friday, 16 August 2019

Habitat Canterbury (Uniting Church) 2 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury, 3126 (map Here)

7.00pm-7.45pm   Discussion Group

Facilitated by Mary Duffy

The Problem of the Unity of Psyche and Matter.
Reading material this month - Here

from the book: Valley of Diamonds, Adventures in Number and Time -
with Marie-Louise Von Franz - by J. Gary Sparks.

Main Lecture at 8.00pm.

C. G. Jung and the Unus Mundus

Guest Speaker: Laurence Browne - PhD. Philosophy, Author.

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It was Jung’s conjecture that synchronistic events point to an underlying psychophysical unity, which he called the unus mundus.   This was a view also shared by the physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who helped Jung articulate his theory of synchronicity, and is one that appears to sit comfortably with certain interpretations of quantum physics. 

During a synchronistic event psyche and matter are momentarily revealed as one reality, the unus mundus, which Jung described as “the latent unity of the world.”

From a reading of the literature surrounding Jung’s development of the synchronicity hypothesis, there appear to be three key ingredients in a synchronistic event that distinguish it from a chance coincidence: an equivalence of meaning between an external event and deep-seated psychological processes in the individual involved; an accompanying feeling of numinosity experienced as an emotional charge; and a flash of total insight or, as Jung called it, ‘absolute knowledge’. If Jung came to his unus mundus conception through extensive psychological research, Pauli came to the same conclusion not only by way of his sustained interaction with Jung but also through his profound understanding of quantum physics.

This presentation explores the nature of this underlying reality and how both synchronicity and the quantum enigma might point to it, like fingers pointing to the moon.

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Laurence Browne was awarded a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Queensland in 2014.  He lives in Brisbane with his wife and younger daughter and enjoys travelling and writing.  In 2017, a revised version of his thesis was published by Imprint Academic of Exeter, UK, under the title The Many Faces of Coincidence.

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