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Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Friday, 19 July 2019

Habitat Canterbury (Uniting Church) 2 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury, 3126 (map Here)

7.00pm-7.45pm   Discussion Group

Facilitated by Mary Duffy


Personal Reflections on Robert Johnson.
A time for Sharing.

Please come and share with the Group a story about Robert Johnson’s influence on your personal journey.

Mary Duffy will be focussing on Robert Johnson’s audio book:
”The Golden World - A Search for Meaning, Fulfillment, and Divine Beauty”

Main Lecture at 8.00pm.

A Tribute to Robert Johnson

Guest Speaker: Dr. Juliana Kaya Prpic

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Robert A. Johnson, was  rightly regarded as one of Jung’s most famous students and exponents of Jung’s work, died in September last year, at the age of 97.  He was a noted lecturer and Jungian analyst, and the author of such important books as He, She, We, Inner Work, Ecstasy, Transformation, Owning Your Own Shadow, Living Your Unlived Life and Balancing Heaven and Earth. While still a student of Jung’s, Johnson had a dream, which Jung interpreted at length and advised him that:

 “ …it was not the least important whether you accomplished anything outwardly in this life since your one task is to contribute to the evolution of the collective unconscious.”

It’s fair to say that Robert Johnson did indeed dedicate his life to that work, and that his insights into masculine and feminine psychology and the workings of our inner worlds have been profound. I count myself fortunate to have met Robert when he attended the Journey Into Wholeness conference in Melbourne in 1991, and will use this presentation to celebrate his life, to review his work and share some reflections on the significance of his ideas for us all

“...it is almost always the case that whatever has wounded you will also be instrumental in your healing.” - Robert Johnson

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Dr. Juliana Kaya Prpic is an educator & researcher at the University of Melbourne, while also training as a Jungian Analyst at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich. She has a deep interest in the symbolic life and archetype patterns as they are expressed in dreams, myths, folk tales and nature.

Her current research includes an exploration of Australian Indigenous mythology and knowledge systems, and the role of the collective unconscious in bridging Western and Indigenous cultures.

She is the current President of the Jung Society of Melbourne.

Admission (at the door, no booking required): Members: free, Non members: $20, Concession: $10*

*(Students with photo ID & holders of Australian Pension and/or Health Care card)

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