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A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, 3rd June, 2018

Mandala Magic Workshop(2)

9.00am - 5.00pm

Camberwell Community Centre
33 Fairholm Grove, CAMBERWELL  3124



Creating a mandala is allowing the hands to express what lies
in the heart without being controlled by the head.


Create and explore the magical and mysterious art of mandalas in a fun and nurturing workshop making your own 45 diameter mandala in rich and vibrant colour in a day!

Learn how to work with symbolism, both traditional and personal to express, capture and process different passages of your life. Throughout the day, Karen and Gary Scott will mentor us individually in defining and interpreting the significance of the mandalas being created.

We will supply high quality Jo Sonja acrylic paints, a stretched canvas and a range of other art products. Each participant will receive lots of personal attention, support and guidance. Regardless of any perceived lack of ‘creative bones’ in your body, you will still be able to create a beautiful and personal mandala.  

Please bring an old shirt or apron to protect your clothes.

Karen Scott.jpg

KAREN SCOTT is a Melbourne-based artist who seeks to observe, capture and express who we are and what we feel through the means of painting and mosaic. Recording the relationship between our inner selves an the external world through the mandala has long been a point of fascination for Karen. Passionate about art, she has worked prolifically in the community and the corporate world both nationally and internationally creating specially designed art projects that engage individuals giving them a stronger sense of belonging to reconnect with themselves, with their community and environment. Karen utilizes the creative force within everyone to promote unity and cohesion between individuals and to record their ideas, thoughts and feelings. She helps them to bring their own stories to life within an art form.

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