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Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Library of All Things Jung


Catherine O'Dwyer
Email: info@jungsocietymelbourne.com

Assistant Librarian - Scot Muirden

Postal address

The Librarian
C G Jung Society of Melbourne Inc
PO Box 226 Kerrimuir  VIC  3129

Opening Hours

The Library is open during our Lecture Meetings held on the 3rd Friday of each month:

  •  6.30pm-7.55pm prior to the Guest Lecture
  • after the Lecture until 10.00pm

Library Catalog

A PDF of Books listed by Author is available viewing or downloading HERE.   To SEARCH within this Author List: Use the "Find" feature on your internet browser or PDF reader ...usually located via EDIT > FIND

Member Borrowing

Upon showing evidence of a current membership card, Members may borrow up to 4 items across different media for a period of one month. If a title is not on a waiting list, upon request, the Librarian may extend borrowing for one extra month. Overdue items may incur on the Member an appropriate suspension of  borrowing rights

Lost or Damaged Items

Lost or damaged items will require the borrower to incur replacement cost of the item.  Borrowing rights will be suspended until full settlement is reached.

Associate Member Borrowing

Associate Membership is a special membership especially designed for regional and housebound members at an annual membership of $30. It does not give free entry to lectures.  A once-off bond of $100 is required at the time of joining.  It is refundable upon resignation - or upgrade to full membership.

Borrowers are responsible for all relevant postage fees in both directions:
ie, from the Society to the borrower ....and the return journey back to the Society.
A tracking number must be provided to the Librarian when items are posted for return to the Society.

Outward Postage

Due to the dramatic increases in Postal rates that came into force January 2016, each Associate Member will now be required to deposit an additional $20 bond with the Society to cover outward postage.  This bond is meant to be ongoing and will need to topped-up as it is used.


The Jung Society of Melbourne boasts what is possibly the largest and most comprehensive specialist library in Australia on all topics and authors writing on, or about the work of C G Jung. 2015 was a year of major transformation as the entire collection became housed together in one room for the first time, in new tambour cabinets.  2016 will see further professional development and improvements.

This treasured collection consists of over 1500 books, journals, CD's, DVDs and audio tapes collected over the past 50 years. Some titles are out of print, and are thus considered precious 'resource' materials not available for loan.  Each year the Librarian and team selects the best new titles to add to the collection.

Over the summer 2016 summer to order to improve our services to members investment was made to acquire professional Library software, and a start was made to barcode the entire catalog of books, audio-visual material, journals and other resources accumulated over the last 54 years .  It was hoped to complete this project over the summer, but a year later, it is more than evident that this project is a lengthy one!  At this point the entire book collection has been bar-coded. Now to tackle the journals and audio-visual collections...followed by other resources.

Please be patient with us as we go along.  But once completed the Society will have immediate access to how the Library is actually being used, and what sections are most in demand by members.  Watch this space for further information and updates regarding our new system and procedures.


 A copy of the RED BOOK is available for loan, but because it is precious and expensive, a $100 refundable deposit is requested. 


Due to reasons of space the only current journal subscriptions are: 'Spring', 'Parabola' and 'Psychotherapy in Australia'.  However the library does hold back copies of other journals: 'Harvest', 'Journal of Analytical Psychology' and 'Quadrant'..

Since its foundation the Society has recorded lectures and workshops to produce audio-tapes. In recent years most events have also been filmed.  Some have been transcribed into written form. The DVD, CD and Tape collections are each listed on separate pages on this website.


The Society gratefully accepts donations of books, journals and audio-visual material relevant to Jung and on topics distinctively relevant to his work.  Donated items are identified by, and acknowledged with a special bookplate. Individuals considering donating to the Library are encouraged to contact the Librarian to discuss the proposal.

Library Volunteers

Provision ofLibrary services to our members is only made possible the faithful assistance of a team of volunteers.  Please let the Librarian know if you would be interested to join the roster of this much appreciated band. No prior experience is necessary as training will be given!

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