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Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Life Membership Awarded to Annette Lowe

At the 2014 AGM the C G Jung Society of Melbourne Inc was pleased to confer LIFE MEMBERSHIP upon Annette Lowe.

Annette is a former President (1994-1997 & 2009-2011) and Vice-President (1997-2000 & 2011-2013) of this Society.

In 2011 she initiated the transcription and editing of the 38 best lectures presented to the Jung Society and wrote a eight page history of the Society remembering the many personalities who worked so hard to promote the work and ideas of Carl Jung.   The result was the definitive manuscript of the Society: "Jung Talks: 50 years of the C G Jung Society of Melbourne".

Annette is co-facilitator of the Discussion Group held each month at 7.00pm prior to the Guest Speaker.  Over the last two decades not only has she presented many lectures to the Society, Annette has been the driving force behind many of the Society's popular workshops and courses.


1994 - The Demon Lover: Romance and Relationship (plus workshop)
1998 - Archetypes in Everyday Life
1999 - Rooms, Houses and Towers: The Symbolism of Towers 
2002 - Healing in Analysis: Am I Better Yet?
2004 - Midlife & Beyond
2005 - The Real Dionysus
2008 - On the Origins of religion.  Why Does Religion Exist?  How Does it Form?

Lectures (co-presentation)

1999 - Hell Jumped Into Her Life: An Account of a Child's Recovery From Abuse 
2010 - Re- Creation
2012 - A Dangerous Method (film)
2013 - A Discussion on Gender

Saturday Discussion Group (co-presentation)

2006 - On Sophocles' Three Theban Plays

Course Coordinator & lecturer

1999 - Collected Works Reading Group (eight weeks)
2000 - Meeting the Psyche: Fundamental Concepts of Jungian Psychology  (8 weeks)
2000 - Everyday Jung: Tools for Growth and Development (6 weeks)
2001 - Approaches to the Soul (4 weeks)
2011 - Core Concepts in Jungian Psychology (9 weeks))
2013 - Core Concepts in Jungian Psychology (9 weeks)



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