C G Jung Society of Melbourne Inc

Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

Ecomythic Psychodrama Workshop

Last March Dr Geoffrey Berry gave a great presentation to the C G Jung Society Melbourne entitled Whitefella Dreaming: Modern Myth & Sacred Reality for the 21st C.
Now he teams up with Psychodrama Psychotherapist, Julie Lacy to key you in to another level of self, both deeply personal and beyond into a more-than-human realm of archetypal significance and connection to nature.  www.belonging.org.au/empd
Together they will present the first ever Ecomythic Psychodrama workshop in Melbourne, at the Vine & Branches Personal Growth Centre - a serene and private venue on 5 acres of bush, across the weekend of November 14 & 15.   Book via Trybooking.com

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