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Dorothea Dix Award

Last Friday at the August meeting of the Jung Society, Jackie Warrick was announced as the winner of the second annual Dorothea Dix Award.  The beautiful handmade crystal Tree of Life trophy was presented to Jung Society member, Jackie by President, Derry Doyle.  The prize package includes a week at the Royal Pacific Resort on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The Dorothea Dix Award is an annual essay competition created to achieve recognition through the written word for those who have overcome or battled mental or physical illness, disability, or injury.

The award takes its name from Dorothea Dix, a nineteenth century American social reformer, educator, and nurse who fought for the rights of the mentally ill.

The Dorothea Dix Award is the brainchild of Dr Paul Kiritsis, a theorist working in the areas of mind-matter interaction and trans-personal psychology. He is the award-winning author of over two-hundred and thirty articles and three books, and is attempting to harness a more adequate view of the nature of mind.

Jackie’s winning essay, ‘The Ghost Hunter’ addressed the fictitious scenario:  You are a ghost that haunts the infirmary of an abandoned mental institution.  The full text of her essay can be found here

Keep an eye out on Paul Kiritsis's website - Down the Rabbit Hole - for the terms of the 2015-2016 competition   here

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