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Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung

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Missed the Lecture?  You might find it below ....

The Jung Society has a large collection of selected lectures in print, as audio-recordings on CD, and on film FOR SALE.  Now that Lectures are regularly recorded, the lecture for the previous month is normally available by the following month.  For more information on the material below and/or how to order these items, please contact the Librarian

RPT (reprints of lectures):  Members -$5 / Non-members - $8

CD:  Members - $8 / Non-members - $12

DVD:  Members - $10 / Non-members - $15 

Postage:  $2.00 (within Australia)


  • 'The World of the Goddess' :: Maria Gimbutas
  • 'Interview with David Bohm'


Alison Talbot

  • The Listening Body    RPT

Anne Brown

  • Vollcanic Eruptions:  Body and Spirit    RPT

Anne di Lauro

  • Archetypal Themes in Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio    DVD    CD

Anne Gilmore-Bryson

  • The Medieval Mystics    RPT

Annette Lowe

  • Archetypes in Every Day Life    RPT
  • The Demon Lover: Romance and Relationship    RPT
  • Healing in Analysis    RPT
  • On the Origins of Religion: Why does Religion Exist? How does it Form?   DVD    CD
  • Rooms, Houses and Towers:  The Symbolism of Buildings    RPT

Annette Shorter

  • The Fool and her Journey    RPT

Anthony Campbell

  • Israelite Story Telling - A witness from Faith to Faith    RPT

Dr Bernie Neville

  • Celebrating the Solstice    RPT
  • Gods in the Classroom    RPT
  • The Jungian Eco-psychologist    DVD    RPT

Beth Brough

  • Job Well Done: On Work    RPT

Brian Clark

  • Eros Reclaimed    RPT
  • Nike: Winged Victory    DVD
  • Shadow Figures and Sacred Partners: Jung's Inner Siblings    RPT

Cassandra Carter

  • The Green Man and the Goddess    RPT
  • Old Religion for the New Age    RPT

Catherine Bearsley

  • The Importance of Ritual and Rites of Passage in our Time    CD

Chris Gribbin

  • Different Visions of the Afterlife in Ancient Greece    DVD    CD

Clair French

  • The Garden of Heavenly Delights: Religious Symbolism of Hieronymus Bosch    RPT
  • The Goddess Archetype    CD    RPT
  • The Grail: Mandala of the West    RPT
  • Jung and the Mystery of Evil    RPT
  • The Martial Maiden    RPT
  • The Power of Love    RPT
  • The Ring of the Niebelung    RPT
  • What is Transpersonall Psychology    RPT

Dr Clive Hamilton

  • Environmentalism and Mysticism     RPT

Colin Thomson

  • Mindfulness and Jung   DVD

Craig Delaney

  • Hestia and the Archetype of Being    CD

David Russell

  • Faith and Experience in Jungian Thought    RPT
  • Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Practice – A Jungian Perspective   CD    RPT

Dr David Kram, Mary Duffy & Dr Derry Doyle

  • The Ring Backwards: Understanding Wagner's Ring Cycle from a Jungian Perspective
         5-DVD set (Members - $15 / Non-Members - $20)

Dr David Tacey

  • The Difference Between Spiritual Emergency and Mental Illness    DVD    CD   RPT
  • The Erotic Divine: Jung, Freud and The Axis of Eros    DVD    CD
  • Gods and Diseases: Psyche, Body and Healing    DVD
  • Individuation as Homecoming to the Self    DVD    CD    RPT
  • Individuation as a Balancing Act    DVD    CD    RPT
  • Jung and Spirit in Post Modern Times    RPT
  • Jung' Reputation as a Post Modern Spiritual Problem    RPT
  • The Language of the Soul in a Time of Science    RPT
  • Male Psyche and Society: A Jungian Approach   RPT
  • The Meaning of the Dark God & Myth, Consciousness and the Stages of Life    RPT
  • Mental Health and the Mystery of Healing    DVD    CD   RPT
  • Nurosis, Therapy and Individuation: the Dark side in Individuals & Nations    RPT
  • Soul and Earth: The Impact of the Place Upon the Psyche    DVD    CD   RPT
  • Spiritual Intuition in Young Adults    DVD    CD   RPT
  • Spirituality and Healing: Jung and the Religious and Political Future    RPT

Dr Diana Taylor

  • Birth of the Unconceived    RPT

Doris Lier

  • The Dormant Tree: Toward New Metaphors for Depression    RPT
  • The Dream Life in Jungian Psychology    CD

Drina Oldroyd

  • Symbolism in the Divine Comedy    RPT

Edi Setchfield

  • Creativity and Depression in a Psychiatric Hospital: An Arts Therapy Case Study    DVD

Edward Edinger

  • Wholeness Lost & Found: Ego-Self Relation as Revealed in Shakespeare    DVD

Evelynne Joffe

  • The Hebrew Goddess    RPT

Frith Luton

  • Circumambulating the Centre: the Symbolism of Bees, the Honey and the Hive    CD

Glen Slater

  • The God Complex    DVD    CD

Gillian Clezy

  • Dreams, Psyche and Language: Some Developmental Considerations    DVD   CD
  • Touchstones: Complex and Projection    DVD

Dr Gillian Ross

  • Birthing the Global Butterfly: The Growing Imperative of Individuation    DVD


  • Matter of Heart Film: Interviews with Jung and People Influenced    DVD

Helen Philips

  • Creative Envy?    DVD    CD

Jennie Hermiston

  • Daughters of the Land, A Knotted Ball of Wool    DVD    RPT

Joan Harcourt

  • The Crone: The Archetype of the Wise Woman Elder    CD

Joan Snedden

  • About Labyrinths    DVD
  • The World, the Flesh, and the Devil in the English & Scottish Witch Hunt    RPT

Jo Ann Lewis

  • The Crazy Diamond:    RPT
  • Really and Truly a Woman    RPT

Dr Joanna Kujawa

  • Carl Jung and the Gnostic Gospels    CD

John Morton

  • Archetypes and Aborigines    DVD    CD    RPT

Joy Norton

  • Vesta:  Cultivating the Stillness of the Self   CD

Joy Ryan-Bloore

  • The Radical Challenge of Christmas    RPT

Kevin Toohey

  • The King's Son Who Feared Nothing: Individuation Motifs in a Fairy Tale    RPT

Linden Hilgendorf

  • Der Rosenkavalier (book version)    RPT
  • Opera as Spectacle: Archetypal Themes in Il Trovatore    RPT
  • Orpheus and Eurydice    RPT

Lorraine Walker

  • Pride Before a Fall: The Archetype and Inflation    CD

Margaret Becher 

  • Mother    DVD

Margaret Caulfield

  • The Father-Daughter Relationship    RPT

Mark Sumner

  • Bidden or Unbidden, God is Present: Religion in the Psychology of C G Jung    DVD    CD

Mary Duffy

  • God: The Experience and the Expression    DVD
  • Introducing The Red Book    CD    RPT

Mary Duffy & Annette Lowe

  • “A Dangerous Method”: Truth or Fiction    DVD    CD

Mary Symes

  • Ariadne and the Bull    RPT
  • Chiron - The Healer Who Could Not Heal Himself    RPT
  • Dreams and the Ox Herding Pictures    RPT

Maxwell Ketels

  • Piper at the Gates of Dawn: The Historic and Symbolic Pan   DVD

Maureen Buckley-Fox

  • The Sacred Drama    DVD

Neil Baird

  • Face of the Feminine    DVD

Nuria Irene Daly

  • Pilgrimage: Journey to Self – A Sufi Perspective    DVD    CD

Noeleen Braddock

  • Appointment with the Wise Old Dog: Dream Images in a Time of Crisis    DVD

Patricia Hamilton

  • Myths of the Modern Age as Found in the Movies    DVD    CD

Peter Fullerton

  • Stories in the Making: Symbolic Processes at Work    RPT

Prema Jansen

  • The Body Psyche Relationship    CD

Richard Tasker

  • Alexander and Jung    DVD    CD    RPT

Robert Bosnak

  • The Influence of Psychotherapy on the Immune System in Chronic Fatigue    DVD

Robert Johnson

  • Dionysus the Forgotten God - by Robert Johnson    2-CD set

Dr Robert Matthews

  • Feather Fall: Living in the Autonomous    RPT

Robyn Vickers-Willis

  • Navigating the Empty Nest and Beyond    DVD    CD    RPT
  • What Jung Taught Me about Midlife    RPT

Rodney Ravenswood

  • Gender - A Jungian Perspective    RPT
  • The Psychological Importance of Conflict    RPT
  • The Way of the Ego:  Individuation and the Life of Christ    RPT

Roman Ilgauskas

  • Sandplay in Adult Psychotherapy'    DVD    CD
  • The Aboriginal Story of the Giant Dingo: Evil Dog or Spiritual Companion?    DVD 

Rosemary Porter

  • The Unfolding Spiral of Consciousness: Symbolism of the Hindu Naga Serpent   DVD    CD

Ross White

  • The Importance of Belong for the Intuitive Man    RPT

Sally Kester

  • Wagner: The Myth of the Journey    CD
  • The Ring of the Nieberlung    5-CD set  (Members - $15 / Non-members - $20)

Stan O'Loughlin

  • Tristan and Isolde: Thoughts on the Psychology of Romantic Love    DVD    CD

Stella Woods

  • Neptune in Pisces: The Rise in Feminine Consciousness    DVD

Terry McBride

  • Jungian Perspectives on the Psychology of Dreams    CD
  • Psychic Energies in the Body: A Psychological Approach to the Kundalini    (3-CD set)
  • Working with Inner Opposites: Towards Wholeness    DVD    CD

Terry Waddell

  • Jung and Screen Fiction    DVD    CD

Tim Falkiner

  • The “Zone” of the Pokies Addict    DVD    CD    RPT

Dr Vanda Rousenfell

  • Spiritus Contra Spiritum: On Jung and the Genesis of AA 12-step program    CD

Dr Vivienne Mountain

  • Art as Healing for Children in Loss and Trauma    DVD

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