C G Jung Society of Melbourne Inc

Join us in the quest for wholeness through Jungian archetypes of duality and integration

A forum established in 1962 for discussion, exploration and continued development and application of the concepts espoused by the Swiss psychoanalyst - Carl Gustav Jung



CAROTENUTO, Aldo / The Vertical Labyrinth: Individuation in Jungian Psychology

HANNAH, Barbara / Striving Towards Wholeness

HILLMAN, James / The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling

HOLLIS, James / any of his books

JACOBI, Yolande / The Way of Individuation: The Indispensable Key to Understanding Jungian Psychology

JOHNSON, Robert A / Inner Work

LAMBERT, Kenneth / Analysis, Repair and Individuation

LAYARD, John / The Lady of the Hare: A Study in the Healing Power of Dreams

 MOORE, Thomas / any of his books

PERERA, Sylvia Brinton / Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women

ROMANSHYN, Robert / Mirror and Metaphor: Images and Stories of Psychological Life

SINGER, June / Boundaries of the Soul: The Practice of Jung’s Psychology


Jung’s Collected Works, Vol. 5

ADLER, Gerhard / The Living Symbol

BAYNES H G / Mythology of the Soul: A Research into the Unconscious

CAROTENUTO, Aldo / The Spiral Way: A Woman's Healing Journey

LAYARD, John / The Lady of the Hare: A Study in the Healing Power of Dreams

MOON, Sheila / Dreams of a Woman: An Analyst's Inner Journey


Jung’s Collected Works, Vol. 6

MOSS, Stephen / Introducing Type: An Australian Handbook on Jungian Type

MYERS-BRIGGS, Isobel / Gifts Differing

SHARP, David / Personality Types: Jung's Model of Typology

VON FRANZ, Marie-Louise / Lectures on Jung's Typology: The Inferior Functions: The Feeling Function

WHEELWRIGHT, Joseph / Psychological types


FORDHAM, Frieda / An Introduction to Jung's Psychology

HALL, Calvin S and NORDLY, V J / A Primer of Jungian Psychology

HOPCKE, Robert / Guided Tour of the Collected Works of C G Jung

JACOBI, Yolande / Complex, Archetype, Symbol                                    

JUNG, C G / Man and His Symbols

MATTOON, Mary Ann / Jungian Psychology in Perspective

STEIN, Murray / Jungian Analysis

STORR, Anthony / The Essential Jung

WHITMONT, Edward C / The Symbolic Quest: Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychology

WILMER, Harry A / Practical Jung: Nut and Bolts of Jungian Psychology


DUNNE, Claire / Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul

JAFFE, Aniela (ed) / C G Jung: Word and Image

JUNG, C G / Memories Dreams and Reflections


HANNAH, Barbara / Active Imagination

VON FRANZ, Marie-Louise / Alchemical Active Imagination

WEAVER, Rix / The Old Wise Woman: A Study in Active Imagination


BAUER, Jan / Alcoholism and Women: The Background and the Psychology

CURRIE, Billye / The Gambler: Romancing Lady Luck

LEONARD, Linda Schierze / Witness to the Fire: Creativity and the Veil of Addiction

SCHOEN, David E / The War of the Gods in Addiction


Jung’s Collected Works, Vols. 12, 13 and 14

COOPER, J C / Chinese Alchemy: The Taoist Quest for Immortality

EDINGER, Edward F / Anatomy of the Psyche: Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy

ELIADE, Mircea / The Forge and the Crucible

FABRICUS, Johannes / Alchemy: The Medieval Alchemists and Their Royal Art

HARTMANN, Franz / Alchemy

VON FRANZ, Marie-Louise / Alchemy: An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology


BLACKMER, Joan Dexter / Acrobats of the Gods, Dance and Transformation

CHODOROW, Joan / Dance Therapy and Depth Psychology

GENDLIN, Eugene T / Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams

KREINHEDER, Albert / Body and Soul: The Other Side of Illness

McNEELY, Deldon Anne / Touching: Body Therapy and Depth Psychology

MINDELL, Arnold / Dreambody: The Body's Role in Revealing the Self


AMMAN, Ruth / Healing and Transformation in Sandplay

DUNDAS, Evelyn / Symbols Come Alive in the Sand

KALF, Dora / Sand Play: A Psychotherapeutic Approach to the Psyche

SAN / BRADWAY, Katherine et al / Sandplay Studies: Origins, Theory, Practice

WEINRIB, Estelle L / Images of the Self: The Sandplay Therapy


HENDERSON, Joseph / Shadow and Self: Selected papers in Analytical Psychology

HOLLIS, James / Why Good People Do Bad Things: Understanding our Darker Selves

PERERA, Sylvia Brinton / The Scapegoat Complex: Toward a Mythology of Shadow and Guilt

SANFORD, John / Evil: The Shadow Side of Reality

VON FRANZ, Marie-Louise / Shadow and Evil in Fairytales


BISHOP, Peter / The Greening of Psychology: The Vegetable World in Myth, Dream and Healing

BORD, Janet and Colin / Earth Rites

BRADLEY, John / Yanyuwa Country: The Yanyuwa People of Borroloola Tell the History of Their Land

BROWN, Joseph Epes / The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux

TACEY, David / Edge of the Sacred: Transformation in Australia / Beyond Literal Belief


Jung’s Collected Works, Vol. 11

BUBER, Martin / I and Thou

CHARDIN, Pierre Teilhard de / any of his books

DOURLEY, John P / The Illness That We Are: A Jungian Critique of Christianity

DOURLEY, John P / Jung C G and Paul Tillich: The Psyche as Sacrament

EDINGER, Edward F / Christ as Paradigm of the Individuating Ego

EDINGER, Edward F / Christian Archetype, The: A Jungian Commentary on the Life of Christ

EDINGER, Edward F / Transformation of the God – Image

JAFFE, Aniela / Was C G Jung a Mystic? - and Other Essays

JAFFE, Lawrence / Liberating the Heart: Spirituality and Jungian Psychology

OTTO, Rudolf / The Idea of the Holy: An Enquiry Into the Non Rational Factor in the Idea of the Divine and its  

OTTO, Rudolf / Relation to the Rational

PAGELS, Elaine / The Gnostic Gospels

ULANOV, Ann and Barry / Religion and the Unconscious

WATTS, Alan / Behold the Spirit: A Study of the Necessity of Mystical Religion

WATTS, Alan / Beyond Theology


Jung’s Collected Works, Vol. 8

ASPER, Kathryn / The Inner Child in Dreams

BOSNAK, Robert / A Little Course in Dreams

CLIFT, Jean Dalby and WALLACE, B / Symbols of Transformation in Dreams

HALL, James / Jungian Dream Interpretation: A Handbook of Theory and Practice

HARTMANN, Ernest / The Nightmare: The Psychology and Biology of Terrifying Dreams

HILLMAN, James / The Dream and the Underworld

LAYARD, John / The Lady of the Hare: A Study in the Healing Power of Dreams

MATTON, Mary Ann / Understanding Dreams

MEIER, Carl Alfred / Healing Dream and Ritual: Ancient Incubation and Modern Psychotherapy

MOON, Sheila / Dreams of a Woman: An Analyst's Inner Journey

SANFORD, John / Dreams and Healing

SYMES, Mary / Grief and Dreams: A Reflection on a Personal Journey Through Grief

VON FRANZ, MarieLouise / The Way of the Dream (in Folio section of Library)


see also:   DREAMS and MYTHOLOGY

BAYNES H G / Mythology of the Soul: A Research into the Unconscious

BEGG, Ean / The Cult of the Black Virgin

COOK, Roger / The Tree of Life: Symbol of the Centre

HANNAH, Barbara / The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals

LUKE, Helen M / Woman Earth and Spirit, The Feminine in Symbol and Myth


BETTELHEIM, Bruno / The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairytales

DIECKMANN, Hans / Twice-Told Tales: The Psychological Use of Fairytales

LANG, Andrew (ed) / The Blue/ Green/Red/ Yellow Fairy Books

GRIMM, Jakob and WILHELM / Fairy Tales for Young and Old: The Complete Stories

STEIN, Murray etc (eds) / Psyche's Stories: Modern Jungian Interpretation of Fairy-tales

VON FRANZ, Marie–Louise / any of her “Fairy Tales” books


BRANSTON, Brian / Gods and Heroes from Viking Mythology

BRANSTON, Brian / The Lost Gods of England

CAMPBELL, Joseph / any of his books, see also Folio section

DAVIDSON, H R Ellis / Gods and Myths of Northern Europe

DOWNING, Christine / Goddess, The: Mythological Images of the Feminine

EDINGER, Edward F / The Eternal Drama: The Inner Meaning of Greek Mythology

ELIADE, Mircea / any of his books

ZIMMER, Heinrich / The King and the Corpse

GRAVES, Robert / Greek Myths (Illustrated edition)

HENDERSON, J and OAKES, M / The Wisdom of the Serpent: The Myths of Death, Rebirth and Resurrection

IONS, Veronica / Indian Mythology

JUNG, Emma and VON FRANZ, Marie-Louise / The Grail Legend

KERENYI, Carl / any of his books

RADIN, Paul / The Trickster: A Study in American Indian Mythology

ROSCHER, Wilhelm and HILLMAN, James / Pan and the Nightmare: Two Essays


Jung’s Collected Works, Vol 9:1

BIRKHAUSER-OERI Sibylle / Mother, The: Archetypal Image in Fairy Tales

EDINGER, Edward F / any of his books

GUGGENBUHL-CRAIG, Adolf / The Archetype

HALL, Nor / Moon and the Virgin, The: Reflections of the Archetypal Feminine

JACOBI, Yolande / Complex, Archetype, Symbol

JACOBY, Mario / Longing for Paradise: Psychological Perspectives on an Archetype

NEUMANN, Erich / The Great Mother: An Analysis of the Archetype

PERERA, Sylvia Brinton / The Scapegoat Complex: Toward a Mythology of Shadow and Guilt

RADIN, Paul / The Trickster: A Study in American Indian Mythology

VON FRANZ, Marie-Louise / Puer Aeternus


BLY, Robert / Iron John: A Book About Men

BOLEN, Jean Shinoda / Goddesses In Everywoman: A New Psychology of Women

BOLEN, Jean Shinoda / Gods in Everyman

CASTILLEJO, Irene / Knowing Woman: A Feminine Psychology

HILLMAN, James/ Anima

HARDING, M Esther / The Way of All Women: A Psychological Interpretation

HOLLIS, James / Under Saturn’s Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men

JOHNSON, Robert A / He: Understanding Masculine Psychology

JOHNSON, Robert A / Lying with the Heavenly Woman: Understanding the Feminine Archetypes in Men's Lives

JOHNSON, Robert A / She: Understanding Feminine Psychology

JUNG, Emma / Animus and Anima

MONICK, Eugene / any of his books on the masculine

WALKER, Barbara G / The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom and Power

WHEELWRIGHT, Jane Hollister / Women and Men


COLEMAN, Arthur and Libby / The Father: Mythology and Changing Roles

COLLINS, Alfred / Father Son: A Self Psychology of the Archetypal Masculine  

COVITZ, Joel / Emotional Child Abuse: The Family Curse

FORDHAM, Michael / any of his books

HILLMAN, James et al (eds) / Fathers and Mothers: Five Papers on Archetypal Background of Family Psychology

HARDING, M Esther / The Parental Image: Its Injury and Reconstruction

MILLER, Alice / any of her books

NEUMANN, Erich / The Child

WICKES, Frances G / The Inner World of Childhood

WINNICOTT, D W  / any of his books


BERTINE, Eleanor / Human Relationships: In the Family, In Friendships etc

FROMM. Erich / The Art of Loving

GUGGENBUHL-CRAIG, Adolf / Marriage: Dead or Alive

JOHNSON, Robert A / We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love

KAST, Verena / The Nature of Loving: Patterns of Human Relationship

LEONARD, Linda Schierse / On the Way to the Wedding: Transforming the Love Relationship

SANFORD, John / The Invisible Partners

ULANOV, Ann and Barry / Transforming Sexuality: The Archetypal World of Anima and Animus


BOKER, Christopher / Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity of the Self

PROGOFF, Ira / Jung, Synchronicity and Human Destiny: Non-Causal Dimensions of Human Destiny

SPARKS, J Gary / At the Heart of Matter: Synchronicity and Jung’s Spiritual Testament  

WILHELM, Hellmut / Change: Eight Lectures on the I Ching

WILLHELM, Richard / I Ching

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